Our Process

At Enfowiz Solution We work Differently
Exceptional designs do not come with a blink of an eye. There’s a lot more than just creativity, technology and marketing. At Enfowiz Solution, we believe that excellence is a key to success and a strategic step-by-step planning is what you need to lead the way. 
Here’s how we work at Enfowiz Solution.
  1. Analysis of the requirements
    The first step to an outstanding design is the clear understanding of the clients’ requirements. Hence, our primary focus is to gain an in-depth knowledge of the clients’ concepts and ideas, goals, target audience, project parameters and most importantly, the desired outcomes. It helps us to design and cultivate strategies fitting to your needs. After all, providing enhanced user experience is our goal.
  2. Briefing the details
    Briefing the details effectively to the designers and developers is extremely crucial. Once the clients’ requirements will be completely analyzed, the project managers brief the details of the project to the specific team members. It helps the designers and developers to perfectly act on whatever has been assigned to them. At Enfowiz Solution , we facilitate easy and effective communication between the team members as well as the clients so that no hassle is faced by them during the process.
  3. Design and Development
    Once the team becomes aware about their respective jobs , it’s time to start working on the focused design course. At this time, the designers work with project managers to choose from layout, type size and color palettes. It’s time to work with creativity and to play with ideas, just to identify what actually works best to convey your purpose and objective. It’s a collaborative phase, when we actually finalize your website or graphic design.
  4. Testing and Delivery
    We specialize in the quickest delivery and that too without compromising on quality. Hence, quality testing plays a major role in our work process. Our Quality Analysts evaluate finer details of the design and development process to ensure smooth process flow.
  5. Promotion and Maintenance
    We take special care to promote your business to the target audience and thus help you gain sustainable profits consistently. Experienced online marketers and SEO experts can help you build your online identity in no time. What’s more! We also provide time to time maintenance of your site to ensure that it never falls behind in the rat race of this competitive business world.